SIP trunks

Break free from your traditional phone line

SIP trunks are designed for existing on-premise telephone systems to enable VoIP calls where upgrading to a hosted voice system is not an option.

The benefits of InBoxOne Connect SIP include:
  • Scalability. Set up what you need for today, and then expand as your business grows
  • Significant cost savings. Benefit from significant cost savings when compared with traditional fixed lines. We have saved some customers up to 40% off their current bill.
  • More efficient communications. Access to voice calls as well as IM, video conferencing, convenient address books and conference calls for efficient team collaboration
  • Collaboration.¬†Unite your team with the ability to access, edit and share documents with real-time visibility.

Looking for a review of your communications?

We offer SIP trunks as an alternative to standard telephone lines and ISDN lines.

Very often SIP trunks will share a broadband or leased-line service with other internet traffic which saves money for the end customer. Quality of Service (QoS) will normally be applied both upstream and downstream to protect more vulnerable, time-sensitive voice packets.

International SIP trunks

Our International SIP trunks can be terminated anywhere in the world and are available on 30-day contracts.

International numbers

Our international numbers are available for inbound and outbound use in over 150 countries.

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